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  • Kerstin is a well-trained, experienced and passionate Executive Coach. She has a deep respect for people's differences and integrity and a burning desire to see people grow. She started Prevista Coachkonsult in 2000 and has since then helped clients and customers develop. Prevista is based in Stockholm, working all over the country and taking international assignments.

    Kerstin wants to create breakthroughs in executives’ leadership, communication and teamwork using powerful concepts and tools. These are successfully used worldwide by managers to explore their own key intentions and objectives, and then create authentic action leading to their achievement. Executives learn to use their energy efficiently and thus will not have to fight to achieve their goals. Kerstin’s clients are successful as she coaches them to consistently do what they say they’ll do, with clarity, focus and ease.

    Kerstin often uses the IPU Profile Analysis, a self-assessment tool for change, personal development and to develop the potential of the organization. It shows how we behave and what incentives we have in different situations. By better understanding your own and others' behaviour you will be able to create better conditions for your personal development, improved cooperation, more effective teams and better customer relations.

    Kerstin has many years’ experience working in senior positions in groups and companies in Sweden and in Europe. She has been responsible for executives’ development at group level and she has a wide experience in many different industries. Amongst other roles, Kerstin was Head of Management Development in the Assidomän and ASSI groups and Tele2 Sweden.

    Kerstin is an ICF (International Coach Federation) Professional Certified Coach (PCC) trained by Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE), California. She is Authorized user of IPU Profile Analysis and Certified NLP Practitioner.

    Her academic background includes Master of Arts and Diploma from IHR (Institute of Higher Communications and Advertising Education) at Stockholm University.

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