Datum - 7 December, 2015
17:00 - 19:00

Raise you professional game in your executive coaching practice

Plats/ Location: Skype

Språk/language: English

Priset: kostnadsfritt för medlemmar, 300 kr för icke medlemmar.

Vi lyssnar tillsammans på Jeremy Ridges föredrag från WBECS 2014 och samtalar efteråt kring det vi hörde och egna erfarenheter på temat.

We will together and with shared screen for slides listen to a recording from WBECS 2014 where Jeremy Ridge, Chairman of the APECS Board of Directors give a presentation on raising your game. After the presentation we chat about today’s learnings and previous experiences.

It is of strong concern for all key players to the executive coaching industry to both celebrate the creativity and diversity of practice in executive coaching as well as appreciating the need to establish strong foundations for good professional practice that makes sense.

This session will introduce you to a framework that can help you raise your professional game in how you practice executive coaching. In applying this framework to your business, you will be consistently delivering with ultimate confidence a trustworthy and professional service that is right for your client yet embracing uniqueness of your coaching style and ongoing investments in personal development.

In more detail we will look at the pillars of 1. Practice, 2. Inquiry, 3. Learning, 5. Articulation, 6. Regulation, 7. Society

We will discuss how this framework can work for you, how to make it unique for you and you can share your story with others in the learning community. We hope to build our collective confidence by understanding with clarity what we do and building consistency of trust and professionalism within the industry.

Anmälan till info@icfsverige.se senast 27 november. Uppge i anmälan din adress på Skype så att samtalsledaren inför samtalet kan bjuda in dig till mötet på skype.